Small Business Computer Services is your source for timely on-site or remote technical support. Using remote software technology, Small Business Computers Services can act as an outsourced IT department for virtually any organization - minimizing the additional expense of travel - saving you both time and money.

Small Business Computer Services support staff always take the time to explain, in detail, the best purchase path for our clients. If you're looking for computer parts and accessories, call us!


Services offered:
• wireless setup & security
• internet issues
• general pc maintenance
• troubleshooting
• virus & spyware removal
• data recovery
• computer upgrades
• website design & hosting

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• new desktop and laptop pc's
• new computer hardware
• cables, routers, & networking
• external devices (hard drives, etc.)


Phone: (956) 421-3279
Fax: (956) 421-3177


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